When plastic is not enough

The Alumined roof box, constructed of aluminium, is a combination of uncompromising design, durability, safety, ease of use and quiet operation which can only be dreamed of with plastic roof boxes. Now this unique roof box, with precise, aircraft-inspired lines can be yours

Aluminium curves
in motion

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Aluminium changes
the rules

  • strong and durable
  • super quiet
  • practical and well-crafted


The acute and obtuse angles integrated into the box exceed standard expectations. The cover’s 27 symmetrical planes are actually formed from one solid piece of aluminium, welded together with only six precise welds. The daring angles and hard-to-access weld locations require unconventional production techniques and processes.


Plastic boxes vibrate more. In terms of aerodynamics, the aluminium top cover of the roof box is specifically designed from one solid piece and completely covers the bottom, minimising noise at high speeds.


When compared to plastic boxes, Alumined is stronger, and yet almost identical in terms of weight. Long edges and precise welded mechanics make for the box’s solid construction.


The extremely resistant baked-on lacquer is applied by a specialised team of experts with the best available technology. Unlike plastic, the aluminium of the roof box is more resistant to the effects of the sun, freezing, water and the passage of time. In the case of a collision or attempted theft, the ALUMINED box is more secure.


The carrier’s low loading sill, ease of opening and anti-slip pad make it a breeze to work with. The convenient inner partition and the unconventional shape of the box allows efficient utilisation of the interior space.


Every Alumined roof box is hand-welded from a 2 mm gauge aluminium sheet by qualified welders. The welds are then sanded down by hand and followed by a strict inspectionton ensure that the surface of each piece is perfect. The extremely durable lacquer is then added by a special team of professionals with state of the art machinery. After this process, the box is assembled and completed by hand.

Story of the

Under the leadership of main designer Juraj Andraščík, and after two years of the development process, there were as many as 21 working prototypes. Each new version brought with it different components, construction elements and testing of production processes. Design and aerodynamics were also included in the changes and improvements.


    Ivan Jakeš, 10-time rally racer

    The box is unique in terms of its design and benefits. I don’t spare it and give it a really hard time. It’s astonishingly strong, practical, and thought-through into tiniest details. What’s more, since I put it on the roof, my car has been looking a lot cooler.

    Peter Macháček, Managing Director at Jeep a Honda Motor-Car Bratislava

    I am most pleasured that I can offer this innovative product to our clients. Over the years, we have exhibited quite a mix of things in our showrooms, but this box is among the very best, in terms of both design and technology. From the reactions of our clients I can tell it piqued their curiosity.

    Oldrich, Alumined & Range Rover

    I have been using various plastic roof boxes over 20 years, and they have been always making rattling noises. Alumined holds still and doesn’t vibrate even when it’s empty. In a parking lot, people are no longer checking out my car, but the box! I am glad that this innovative and unique product was created in Slovakia. And I can easily fit the whole pram in the rear. I can’t be more satisfied.

    Michal, Alumined & Subaru Outback

    Having my first long-distance drive with the box behind me, I have only praises for it. It’s very quiet, and having it on my roof increased my fuel consumption by next to nothing.

    Peter, Alumined & BMW X5

    Opening and overall using is great, though it can be a bit easier to install. It’s astonishingly quiet, especially in tunnels where there are no crosswinds. On 900 km (560 mile) drive the fuel consumption increased only by a half a litre. I am satisfied.

    Martin, Alumined & Mercedes V

    The box is absolutely quiet. Even the opera singer I once gave a ride to, can’t detect any disturbing noises with her trained ears. I haven’t noticed a surge in fuel consumption. As for its practicality, I can fit five pieces of luggage in to it.


    The Aluminium roof box is compatible with standard types of roof boxes

    • Volume


    • Weight


    • Dimensions L+H+W

      222 x 30 x 72cm

    • Material


    • Carrying capacity


    • Colour

      aluminium / black

    • Lock

      hidden central three-point locking mechanism

    • Installation

      extra secure T-REX mounts for fast installation included in the set

    • Warranty

      5 years

    Are you ready for
    the world’s most unique roof box?

    alumined box alumined box black

    Join our customers who appreciate unmatched quietness, strength and design. Your car will attract lots of curious eyes. Since we are sure of the quality of our boxes, they come with a 5-year guarantee for aluminium body.

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